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Amusement & Vending Machine Leasing - FirstLease, Inc.Customer service sets FirstLease apart in the amusement and vending industries. We offer outstanding service to amusement and vending manufacturers and distributors of amusement and vending equipment, as well as to end users both large and small operations. We’ve been providing amusement and vending machine financing to those in the industry for over 15 years.

Unlike many vendor financing companies, FirstLease offers customizable payment schedules designed to coincide with your cash flow. If seasonal payments or deferments are needed, FirstLease can deliver.

At FirstLease, our focus is on developing close business relationships with manufacturers, distributors and customers. Our goal is to provide such excellent service that you come to us with all of your financing needs.

FirstLease can also finance equipment outside of the amusement and vending industry. If your company needs other equipment – POS systems, phones, kitchen and restaurant equipment – FirstLease can provide that as well.

We can also help you with any additional equipment needs as your business continues to grow.

For more information, contact FirstLease at 866-493-4778 or

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